Saturday, August 7, 2010

I am lucky

I woke up when the rain was falling, but it stopped immediately the moment I made up my mind to go ahead with my weekend hiking. Wow, what's a good lucky day.

Yes, I told my son who else can be luckier than me to have a four-feet long wild boar banged on the side of my car this morning. It must have not learned to look right, left and right again before crossing a road, or it might think it could make it with a lightning speed.

It bounced back to the roadside, its back on the road, its four legs struggling in the air, and then was the moment of silence. It must only be fainted. It was no more there when I made my way home.

Yes, I am a lucky guy as was rewarded with surprises continuously.

I chatted with a wise grasshopper after the hike. It told me that "you can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses."

I do not know why. I see the grasshopper more like a little fish. Is it due to the thick black line at its back?

It was a little fish in disguised. It was here merely because of me. I am lucky all the way until the end.


Tes said...

Wow, the weather seem to be attuned to your moods, Rainy. Good capture, magnificent macro of the hopper. :)

Kirigalpoththa said...

Lovely macros!

Bangchik said...

It is never easy to catch grasshoppers. A little jump is always beyond our reach... but at times we are lucky, which means they are less lucky especially when they get trampled under our feet...

Ann said...

You didn't go and chase the wild boar? So sayang? Did I tell you I lived for 16 years in NTU in Singapore. It is situated in the jungle, there are still jungle for the soldiers to practice Bang bang, so you don't ching chai go hiking. Often, we have wild boars on our roads. Pergolins snakes too.

I must have been drooling and got glass eyes from the thought of eating your wild boar. When I see your glass hopper, it looks like a Balinese dancer. You look again. Oh dear, the spirits have charmed you.

Frieda said...

You are lucky that You didn't get hurt by the accident...
Beautiful macros with the grasshoper (yours is another kind than mine which is striped like a tiger) :-)

Anonymous said...

Wild boar banging at your car? That must be scary for your son to hear or see..

Beautiful photos of the grasshopper..

Loshini said...

You are getting very skilled at macro shots, rainfield. Love the first one :)

wenn said...

lucky indeed!

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Uh? I hate surprises. It can cause heart attack. But then the grasshopper? I remember i used to use them as food for my scorpions.

Ratty said...

I have discovered that going out hiking right after it rains is the best time to go. I like what you said about roses and thorns. I never thought of it that way before.

rainfield61 said...

Let me guese. You mean that I am in a good mood during this good weather.
I am lucky.

Thanks for the message from SL. You are home now.

It is easy to catch these shots. The grasshopper is mesmerised by me under my umbrella. I took these pictures in the rain.

The wild boar is too big for me to carry into my car. It must cost at least RM600 and is then nice to pay for the repair cost.
My car is full of its smell and mud after the knock.
It is good to cook curry wild boar.

I know why the last one does look like a fish. It is a Anchovies, a small fish that we used to dry under the sun and eat later.

Icy BC:
No, that's fun to hear that. Isn't that lucky if considering the probability of being knock by a wild boar?

I do. That grasshopper is thinking about my question.


Then your scorpions should love Cerok Tokun. You can take them here, the grasshoppers are free.

You have finally discovered that. I love to be in the forest after it rains. It looks much more beautiful and mysterious by that time.

CH said...

I hate wild boar, but your grasshopper is cute. Nice angle.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Great images!! Love the charming expression on his face too! Wish I could blow that up..Good thing that piggy was ok. We have some memorable pig adventures as well!

George said...

Your grasshopper (or fish) is very wise. I'm glad you were lucky with the boar.

Grass said...

I would rather look at things with the perspective of the thorns....:-)

Many years ago, a wild boar rushed out at night while I was driving, and my car banged on it, not so lucky as my windscreen was totally smashed....

Bengbeng said...

thorns hav roses n roses hav thorns.. i like that

Sharodindu said...

Nice grasshopper man.. I got something too in a rainy day :)

Anonymous said...

It rained heavily on sat afternoon over here.

Ginnymo said...

Yikes! A wild boar! You were lucky it didn't do more damage. But glad it lived through it's ordeal also. Love your close ups of the grasshopper. I am jealous that you guys get to walk in the woods after a rain. I had always loved being outside after a rain when I was younger and could walk better. But I do enjoy your photos and experiences.

Ayie said...

the legs resemble scales with the lines so it looks like a small fish

it's a lucky day for you that the boar turned out to be fine and a cheerful grasshopper came to greet you

Harumi said...

I'm sure that big wild boar is happily haunting you by now. =P

Cute grasshopper and it does look more glossy and looks fishy. =D