Saturday, January 30, 2010

The water droplets are too heavy

I have a pair of sharp eyes, that is why you are not able to hide yourself from me. I like a butterfly more than you, though both of you are from the same family. You look so ugly and bare the trees once you are there, so fast.

What have interested me more are the water droplets that are found on your tiny hairs. They are for sure not your tears, you have no reason to cry. What do you want to cry for?

It rained last night but you have yet to get rid of them until now. Do you enjoy the crystal-like adornment, or simply find no way to shake them off?

I think of you again when I am seeing this piece of grass. It starts to bend its body due to the gravity force. It cannot help but has to bend itself.

I am afraid that you will fall due to the gravity force, the water droplets maybe too heavy to you. That's nothing to do with Newton and his apple, but the law still applies.

Will you fall like a parachute?


George said...

Your pictures of the water droplets on the caterpillar and grass are amazing. The detail is crisp and clear. Very well done!

Diane AZ said...

I like those sparkly water droplets! I also wonder if the caterpillar can feel the weight of the drops and why they stay on.

Ginnymo said...

Amazing photos! You capture those tiny drops so well. Love your story to go along with this post too.

Kirigalpoththa said...

I too like taking photos of water droplets!

Cher said...

great nature DEWels you have here, Rainfield. have a great weekend! it's nice reading your thoughts again and your photographs are professionally taken. :)

Icy BC said...

Beautiful photo of the water droplets, rainfield. The caterpillar is hairy..

The Retired One said...

I really liked the last shot where the droplets are balancing on the blade of grass....excellent!

Cheryl said...

Wow, amazing photos!

betchai said...

wow, those are great pictures Rainfield, of dew drops on the caterpillar and grass, true to your name, you capture the beauty of the rain.

rainfield61 said...

I do not know why I managed to find this caterpillar. It was deep inside, not to be visible easily. And to add further to my surprise, I found watr droplets on its body. So lucky.

Pity little thing that did not have a backbone in fighting against the water droplets and gravity.

We need luck for some good pictures. I do have sometimes.

Haha, we have another similarity.

Thank you for the DEWels.

Icy BC:
Yes, the caterpillar is hairy....

The Retired One:
They get the balance at this moment, but not later.
The wind comes and they are gone.

Warm picture for you who are in the winter.

I always get confused by my name when people write something about rain. Are they writing about me?

VanillaSeven said...

Beautiful effect of water droplets rainfield. The droplets really looks heavy on it

eng said...

oh! rainfield, the droplets are simply is so vividly refreshing...and yes, it proved too heavy from the looks of it.

and i cringed at the sight of that hairy caterpillar. i feel itchy all over just looking at it...which only meant one thing, you did captured it perfectly!


Pacey said...

Hahahha...give him the parachute rain, no need to ask!


wonderful shots! I did some water drop shots, but I haven't done a proper dewdrop one. Maybe I'll try that someday!

Sharkbytes said...

I love the ones that are "standing up" on the leaf!

fufu said...

love last picture!!! parachute?? i wanna skydive again!!!

wenn said...

interesting shot!

Mei Teng said...

Water droplets are a pretty sight aren't they? :)

SquirrelQueen said...

What an amazing capture of the water droplets on the caterpillar. I love to see the sparkles in the tiny drops of water, it is almost like looking at another world. Great photos Rainfield.

AVCr8teur said...

It scurries away with its many tiny feet to escape the pounding droplets like boulders onto its back.

Misalyn said...

Amazing capture of the water droplets on the caterpillar. Indeed you have sharp eyes Rainfield.

jeannette stgermain said...

The attention you pay to details is amazing! Thank you for letting us borrow your eyes!

Autumn Belle said...

I can remember the kindergarten teacher teaching my son this song, "Caterpillar coughing, ker-ker-ker..." Does he need to wait for the sun to dry him up or will he just shake off the water himself, just like the doggie?

rainfield61 said...

"he ain't heavy, he is my brother"

I do not know why I am thinking of this.

I am feeling itchy now too...
but this will not stop me from taking its picture again there is any out there.

Yes, Madam!! But tell me please where can I buy this mini parachute.

You have to tell me when you have successfully taken some of them, ok?

Too many standing up on the leaf means nothing will be seen after a wind blow.

Then wait to see how you will look like when you fly a parachute.
Will you look like a caterpillar?

Thank you.

Mei Teng/SquirrelQueen:
The water droplets will reflect everything they see, like a crystal, if I have a macro lens.

You mean the lateral force is greater than the force of gravity if the caterpillar moves fast enough. I see.

Misalyn/jeannette stgermain; i sall ensure that you will have my eyes, always.

Autumn Belle:
It shakes like John Travolta. But then I wonder how it manages to synchronise its legs.

Ratty said...

Great stuff. I never considered water drops on insects before.