Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Smelled A Squirrel

I had been smelling you, Ratty. I did not know why until a squirrel created havoc right above me. It intended to catch my attention. It sure did. And my camera was always ready, but me not.

I hesitated as wanted to observe a little more about that little critter, but I then changed my mind and started countless clicking before the squirrel quickly move into the bushes.

I had been smelling you, I knew then it was solely because of the squirrel.

I thought my camera was ever ready, but I managed to frame only its silhouette. It was surely not a black squirrel as how I smelled you, though both smelled the same. The last glimpse from the corner of my eye told it was a Plantain Squirrel, the most common squirrel in Malaysia.

As I was too busy clicking blindly, I did not aware that this squirrel stared at me as how the black squirrel looked at you. They really did not know who we were although they do have good eyesight. Hah!! Those critters.

With the help of a long counterbalancing tail and those sharp claws, it went back very fast to where it was, but certainly not to your hard disk.
Since you had lost many of your squirrels from your corrupted hard disk, I optimistically think that I shall see some of them over here at Cerok Tokun. Wait and see.


wenn said...

that's lovely!

Ratty said...

Plantain squirrels are my favorite squirrels that I will never get to see for myself. Their little faces are quite different from the squirrels I see, and I like the little stripes they have on their sides. I have also seen pictures of black plantain squirrels, so maybe you might see one of those someday. It's amazing how we have squirrels all over the world.

Salitype said...

a lovely silhouette of a squirrel in motion.... fast, moving motion! I love the reddish colored,though it is quite a rarity! we have quite a lot of gray ones arpound this area.

you're such a boyscout, always ready for shots!!


Diane AZ said...

Great observations and pictures! It is neat how squirrels use their tails for counterbalance.

John said...

Another kind of squirrel I've never seen before :-) Are they named after the fruit?

Icy BC said...

Great pictures, rainfield! Your story is always interesting, but why do you smell Ratty? He is more like a rat, than a squirrel :-)

George said...

I'm glad you and your camera are always ready for action. I know how hard it is to capture a squirrel in motion. Great job!

VanillaSeven said...

Here comes another squirrel hunter! Way to go rainfield :)

AVCr8teur said...

It's hard to capture squirrels in pictures because they move so fast and climb so high. Happy squirrel photo hunting to replace your lost squirrel pictures. :)

Ginnymo said...

So you finally got a picture of a squirrel! Join the crowd Rain! Now I will have to do a search and see what one of those Plaintain squirrels looks like up close. I like your "moving" pics!!

Cheryl said...

Amazing capture of the squirrel! This type is new to me. Here I see gray squirrels, an occasional red squirrel and rarely a black squirrel. They certainly are fast!

rainfield61 said...

"Oh!! Thanks." The squirrel said.

Ratty/Eng: Hopefully I'll get a closer and clearer view of this squirrel. Wait and see.

Many critters use their tail for counterbalance. Human had been before.

You have asked a good question, but I cannot give you a good answer. Maybe internet can.

Icy BC: Ratty is rarely a rat, he is more like a squirrel. I think he need to change his name.

You make me thinking of a cowboy who draws his gun so fast...

Way to go, yes, way to go.

If I can click blindly, it is no hard to capture squirrels in pictures.

Join the crowd? Haha...
Thank you for reminding me that I am having "moving" pictures.

They are very fast, and disappear within seconds. Luckily the excitement lasts longer.

The Retired One said...

Boy, Ratty has influenced all of us and our squirrels, hasn't he????
I had to laugh at this post!

SquirrelQueen said...

Wonderful! Squirrels are around the world. It is only a matter of time before we ......

Kirigalpoththa said...

Those are real playful creatures!

Autumn Belle @ KDP said...

Can this squirrel sing like the Alvin the chipmunk? If it cannot sing, can if dance. If it cannot dance, then it can just stand there and look nice. I like its bushy tail.

Mei Teng said...

I see squirrels once in awhile over here. They are really agile creatures.

Ayie said...

Squirrels are always fast sometimes even if you are ever ready with your trusty cam it's just hard to capture them well.

Cate said...

No squirrels in NZ but there were dozens hanging around and foraging in the US where I stayed. I think they are cute during the winter months when their fur is thicker. Like your new header..very nice!

rainfield61 said...

The Retired One/SquirrelQueen:
We have been mesmerized by Ratty.

We are as playful as a squirrel.

Autumn Belle:
This squirrel can do as what you can name. He has the potential.

Mei Teng:
Oh!! You see these city squirrels. They move around along the cable lines.

I have a quiet squirrel in my next post. It didn't move when I took its pictures.

But I think they are cute at anytime. Just like Autumn Belle has mentioned, they can sing like Alvin the chipmunk.

Heather Dugan (Footsteps) said...

Fun post, Rainfield! Would love to see a photo of you from the squirrel's perspective!

Pacey said...

I've never been successful with squirrels, they are just too quick for my slow shuttering fingertips.