Sunday, November 26, 2017

An Amazing Alice the Queen

Alice found a mushroom while wandering around like the Queen of this wonderland.

This seems to be true to everyone of us. I came; I saw; I conquered. In dreams.

"Gosh, I should lose my way in this road maze." Alice pondered over the gills of the mushroom.

"Chester Cat, show me where is Charing Cross Road!"

"No, no. Shouldn't a little girl pretend to visit Helene Hanff."

"Take me to Forest of Dean."

"Tokun Hill of Rainfield!"

"Broken Kettle Grasslands!"

What an amazing Alice the Queen.

What an amazing road maze on a mighty mushroom.


Emma Springfield said...

It seems that Alice will be visiting some interesting places. She is an adventurous little girl. She will find mushrooms wherever she goes.

Marit Sønstebø said...

Beautiful photo! I didn't know that there was so many beautiful mushrooms. You have shown my many.

eileeninmd said...

Hello Rainfield. Beautiful mushroom photo! Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week!

Ratty said...

Alice finds beautiful mushrooms and fun adventures at some of the most wonderful places.

Icy BC said...

What a beautiful shot!

You know I am still around, and will be a grandma next year :-) Life has just getting more interesting!

Laura. M said...

Una gran reina encontrastes rainfiel!!
Buen fin de semana.
Un abrazo.

baili said...

and powerful this look dear friend!
your eyes are amazing to explore such amazing smiles of nature

Giga said...

This is the world of Alice and not everyone has an entrance there. Be happy that she showed you a beautiful mushroom. * Jese after an unpleasant surgery at home. Now I'm practicing, I'm practicing and I hope to become fit again over time. Regards.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Alice has needed a mushroom to find the Tokun Hills and the Forest of Dean and many other beautiful places. But I am much older than Alice and all I need is friends who blog. I am grateful to all of them for sharing the beauty and teaching me about our beautiful world (without the need for mushrooms, for which I am now too old anyway).