Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sea of Clouds

I was astonished when a couple approached me for where they can witness the sea of clouds a few weeks ago. Yes, sea of clouds at Cerok Tokun.


Not many hikers have stopped for this scenic view, as I observed, because it is hidden behind bushes and trees. Moreover, clouds will only gather together and form a sea of clouds after continuous heavy rains. I wonder from where they came across this unknown side of Cerok Tokun. Unfortunately they had to come back again, and not to forget to carry some lucks along.

Not to mention places off the main track, there is only one vantage point where I can enjoy this amazing creation, and it is about four hundred meters towards the top of Cerok Tokun. I always climb up the side rail and skillfully enough to balance myself for an unblocked view and descent pictures.

This scenic view appears more attractive in a picture than in our bare eyes. Our eyes have always confused us by taking in too much information, ending up everything looks nothing more than ordinary.

I have a few posts talking about this beautiful scene. Having another or few more will never be excessive. I am always tempted but refuse to resist each and every time. It is thrilling to be in love with her, a charming lady, and in fact, I have been in love with her for a such a long time.


VanillaSeven said...

The view are so surreal like painting rainfield. I believe nothing compared to be standing there and enjoy the view ourselves.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Amazing views! I'd come with you right away!!

Suecae Sounds said...


Diane AZ said...

Awesome bird's eye view of the sea of clouds!

Cate said...

I have to say that your images are getting more and more captivating with every post you write. It must be due to you walking in the clouds.

eileeninmd said...

It is an amazing view. I like you title "Sea of Clouds", very fitting.

jeannette said...

Incredible views, Rainfield! Very similar feeling to when you sit in an airplane and come at the level of the clouds! Be careful with your "balancing" act!

Glennis said...

Certainly is a sea of clouds.

Cheryl said...

Wow, so very amazing! I would dearly love to see such a view. Thank you for sharing the "sea of clouds"!

Anonymous said...

The place looked so misty.

Ratty said...

Your sea of clouds really does look remarkable in the pictures, even if you think it doesn't as much when you look at it with your own eyes. Maybe the people that approached you understood that you were a great traveler and adventurer as soon as they saw you.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful. You must feel like you are in heaven.

wenn said...

i love to watch clouds.

Mike said...

Rainfield a very apt title and some beautiful views.

John | English Wilderness said...

The view looks amazing. It reminds me of the view from Ben Nevis, only more beautiful.

Tabib said...

皇天 上帝
Beautiful!..look like a view from Huangshan Mountains.

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful, mystery, and surreal..I would be in love too if I were there.

rainfield61 said...

Painiting is the word. I am a part of the drawing.

It had been 24 hours, I kept waiting but found you nowhere. Where are you

Suecae Sounds:
So glad to hear from you. You sound so good.

You will be amazed by my next post. Check it out!

Then I must have to keep walking in the clouds. Wanna join?

I translated it literally from Chinese words as what are appearing in the post: 云海.

I need to balance myself between excitement and calmness at that moment. I needed to travel quite a distance to the foot of the hill.

Yes. Thanks for your reminder.

I can't resist, so you do. We are all in love with the same "one".

Mei Teng:
The place "mesti cantik".

Oh you mean I am branded as a adventurer and a good traveler. I hope there will be more species like me over here. I am a weird species right now.

After going through all these comments, I must feel like I am in heaven.

Have I influenced you?

Thnak you very much Mike. I was enlightened by the surreal view.

I went to Ben Nevis just now. It was as beautiful as Mt. Kinabalu in East Malaysia.

You are a real joker.皇天 上帝!!!

Icy BC:
You are late by almost 24 hours, but not too late to be in love too.

CH said...

Rainfield, you have shown me the way to heaven.

Harumi said...

Wow.. so amazing, breathtaking and completely spellbinding. It is indeed a sea of clouds. ^__^

George said...

I love your sea of clouds. The pictures are truly amazing and beautiful. I could never get tired of seeing pictures like this.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

What a glorious sight to see. Very well captured Rainfield. It is a surreal yet beautiful view.

Bengbeng said...

wow the first pic is awesome

Kilauea Poetry said...

A path well tread as it appears so inviting! Wow, the Sea of clouds are really enchanting- another side to this mysterious Cerok Tokun! I think you have a point, how can we absorb it all? We must come back.. but after all, we take pictures so they'll last longer-