Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Respect to Nature

Our hiking today is slightly different.

We have been taught to be humble, and cannot choose not to respect Nature; when coming to the right places, we are required to bow to Her.

Right immediately after the first exit, this is where we are to bow and to bend in appreciation for the simple surprises we receive every now and then.

You should know that I have been feeling so great to see birds, awful spider webs, spiritual sun beams and am delighted by the countless photos and profound experience I have gained. So, no second word. Let's bow.

One is certainly not enough. We need to bow and to bend for the second time not too far away. And we just cannot do it only by lowering our head this time.

Have I ever told you I did have an interesting perspective the moment I made my bow? Yes, I am always enlightened as long as I am ready to lower myself and open up my heart.

You may think this is a very weird hike you have had so far. Somehow these are parts of the journey as we move on.

And the old wisdom says, "The sky and ocean will be very wider if we take a step backward."


George said...

I find that I must bow to nature on some of my hikes as well. The rewards are always very great.

Diane AZ said...

I have mud and grass stains on my knees from crawling on the ground, but it is so worth it for all the wonders I can see.

Loshini said...

Nature's like a parent, making us twist this way and that, and making us learn how to use our hands and feet, telling us to not be afraid to get a few scratches

The first picture is heart-stopping by the way..

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...


fufu said...

yeah humble is very important but dont until let people has the chance to bully you ok? lol

VanillaSeven said...

Or you can jiggle your chest and lean backwards like Hawaiian dance when crossing :)

Mei Teng said...

Preserve nature! :)

Kirigalpoththa said...

Where I can't jump over I bow..:)

AVCr8teur said...

Sometimes when you bow, you see a different perspective when your eyes look down to the ground which you otherwise might have missed.

Icy BC said...

Couldn't agree more! I do bow to nature's beauties, majestic views, and all the wonder..

The hike has a bit of mystery too..

Bengbeng said...

stunning pics . i jus want to share with u i was like one feet away from a bee hive as big as a two yr old child today. it was frightening. it was fortunate they didnt attack me

Autumn Belle said...

I like your last picture. Looking through the hole is like looking out into a whole new world from that point onwards. What are the sounds you normally hear here?

rainfield61 said...

It proves that you are a humble gentleman. You deserve the rewards.

I think I am the only crazy one, you too!Yes, it is very worth it for the wonders we can see.

Nature also rubbed my backside and my backpacks with muds one of the days.The slippery trail was really challenging.



Would like to try this coming weekend, but I'll certainly look very odd in the eyes of others. LOL.

Mei Teng:
Yes, madam.

Then you definitely have to bow this time.

I see the gateway to Wonderland!!!

I'll unveile the mystery.. I am Indy..

It must be a good news, both to you and to me. The attack by thousands of bee is not kidding.

Autumn Belle:
I hear Alice's talking over here, but not the 19 years old Alice.

Cate said...

Bowing in the name of nature and creation, a nice approach to a morning hike. And you said you enjoy the spider webs? Do you get them in your face when walking between trees and narrow openings? I tend to get a faceful of web early in the morning, telling me that I'm the first one on the trail for the day.

CY said...

You are such a funny guy.

Ratty said...

We must all respect nature because it is our oldest and wisest ancestor. It has had all of time to learn, and it has infinite patience. It can wait much longer than we can, so we have no choice but to bow to something far greater than we are.

SquirrelQueen said...

I will bow to nature and find myself doing so on many adventures. It does give us a different perspective of her wonders.

betchai said...

this is what i like about hiking, it opens to us so many perspective in life. it is so worth to bow to nature.

Webbielady said...

Lovely... this post made me ponder.. that old saying/wisdom is lovely too.

Ayie said...

we always need to bear respect whether to people, nature, animals or whatever