Friday, March 5, 2010

Brown Shrike Scout

"I've got the Scouting spirit way up to here,Way up to here,Way up to here.I've got the Scouting spirit way up to here,Way up to here to stay."

I have got the Shrike Scout scouting out the place on the very top of a coconut tree. This scouting spirit is always a good help to an adventurer like me.

And the Shrike Scout has come back.

"I saw a couple of Mynas having a date along the riverside."

"I saw many many monkeys."

"I saw Durian trees."

That's fun to have a bird scout, and tell stories in a bird's way.


Kirigalpoththa said...

Hi Dr. Doolittle, From when do you learn to decipher birdy tweets? ;)

Nice post!

wenn said...

love the bird!

George said...

You're very fortunate to have such a good scout guiding you on your hikes. The last picture is very good -- I'm glad he posed for you.

Loshini said...

you have a talent, rainfield.. lol. nice post!

Diane AZ said...

Nature has so much to show and tell. Does the Shrike Scout wear a mask because he is like a super hero gathering information for you?

The Retired One said...

How very cute!!! I am glad someone is looking out for you out there!!

ruthi said...

Oh I love those photos. I can't wait for the birds to come and visit my feeders.

Mike said...

Rainfield, funnily enough I walked up the lane last night and there was a Brown Shrike on one of the posts. An attractive bird, that often skips ahead of you when out walking.

A good guide.

Tabib said...

Wow!.. so close.

SquirrelQueen said...

You are so lucky to have a scout to guide you to the adventure. Sometimes the squirrels will help me but most of the time they would rather play.

The little Shrike is cute.

betchai said...

aw, so cute, right now, I can just dream about monkeys and durian :( but then, life is still good, I have some jackfruit in the fridge :) your pictures and bird story

Icy BC said...

Wow, beautiful bird! Your pictures are fantastic rainfield.

rainfield61 said...

Hi, you are one of the followers of Dr. Doolittle, but I rather to be Indy.

You can pass some of your popcorns to him.

I remember the good old days when I was writing this post.

"you have a talent, rainfield.."
I beg your pardon... lol.

He is on a secret mission. He has somehow choosen a very smart mask.

The Retired One:
He has volounteered himself that a good scout used to do.

I can see the brown Shrike is scouting again. He is spotting your feeders.

They just fly away when we raise our camera. This is the same expereince we are sharing.

Yes. very close.

Your squirrels may be too playful and not "matured" enough.

If you dream monkeys and durian, then you will end up dreaming monkeys eating durians.

Icy BC:
Oh thank you my friend.

eileeninmd said...

Funny post and a cool capture of the Shrike scouting.

Ratty said...

I like the bird's little bandit mask. And it's always so fun to see them with their beaks open in mid-tweet.

CH said...

Love Zoro the bird.