Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ordinary Beauties

I have been spending more time by the dam recently.

There was a farmer in ancient China who found a fainted rabbit after it had bumped against a tree. He returned the next day, staying by the tree day after day, hoping to see another reckless rabbit. At the end, his paddy field was left unattended, and of course, his luck had never returned.

I am not as foolish as the farmer spending the whole day waiting, and my luck seems to be far better than his.

This weed is as ordinary as any little girl who stays next door, but she always pull our attention whenever she shows up.

And if you happen to know, the colour of water over here has changed from muddy brown to forest green after a few days of rainfalls. And it floats this little white flower that had showed its beauty when it bloomed, and continues to decorate and provide a good composition to the picture before return to the eternity finally.

And this green post is dedicated to my friends who are having white snow of the early winter.

And Merry Christmas.


Diane AZ said...

Extraordinary images, the first one reminds me of skyrockets!

betchai said...

wow, wonderful images, rainfield. you indeed have the better luck :)

George said...

Thank you for the beautiful pictures, but I don't think there is anything ordinary about the beauties you find. I don't think we're going to have a white Christmas -- rain is predicted.

Kirigalpoththa said...

You just made that ordinary weed an extraordinary one!

Cheryl said...

Wow! Wonderful photos, I especially love the color of the water in the second photo. And with the little flower it is a beauty! Thanks for sharing the beauty with us, especially as I am looking out at the snow covered ground here! I am enjoying my glimpses of another part of our world.

The Fern and Mossery said...


Ginnymo said...

Love your photos! Merry Christmas Rain!!

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Rainfiled your photos are stunning and with a beautiful message. Their is beauty and meaning in the most ordinary of things.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, and very artistic, Rainfield..

Have a wonderful holidays with your family!

Sharkbytes said...

Green water? Sounds interesting.

Ratty said...

All of this green is a very welcome sight to all of us who only have white right now. The green in the water means that there is plenty of food in there for a lot of animals.

Misalyn said...

I love the way you give attention to extraordinary things rainfield. You are very artistic and you appreciate every liitle things around you.

Happy holidays.

Anonymous said...

yeah... couldnt resist to read ur post and the pictures were nicely shot!!!

fufu said...

yeah i also like to wait for better shot while taking photography =p

hohohoho anyway anyway merry christmas ...

rainfield61 said...


Diane: Skyrockets!!! They are most needed during this festive season.

betchai: My luck is always there, but how good can I grab it?

George: Be it white Christmas or not, Merry Christmas to you all.

Kirigalpoththa: Am I David Copperfield?

Cheryl: Hohohoho... hope that you will enjoy your glimpses of another part of our world, now and forever.

The Fern and Mossery: Yes!! Thank you.

Ginnymo: Great!!! So good to see you coming back. It must be good news. I must be right.
Merry Christmas!!!

rainfield61 said...


Poetic Shutterbug: You are cute as well, madam.

Icy BC: Have a wonderful holidays with your family too!! my friend.

Sharkbytes: Everything sounds interesting, am I right?

Ratty: You are very thoughtful, my friend. By the way, green is my favourite colour.

Misalyn: Happy Holidays to you as well. By the way, how is Christmas at your place?

Anonymous: You are most welcome. Do drop by and chat with me frequently.

fufu: This must your first Christmas at Germany.
hohohoho... Merry Christmas.

wenn said...

lovely! merry xmas!

Footsteps said...

Does the rainwater stir up green algae or silt on the riverbed? Curious about the color change...

Merry Christmas, Rainfield!

Tabib said...

You turned the common images into extraordinary one.

Happy Holiday and Happy Prosperous New Year 2010

roentarre said...

Very nice colour in deed and wish you a wonderful festive season

Misalyn said...

"Misalyn: Happy Holidays to you as well. By the way, how is Christmas at your place?"

Very festive. I posted an entry ( in my photoblog) about the Christmas decorations that I have seen at the Bawadi Mall, with tall and huge Christmas tree. UAE, though a muslim country, is very liberal when it comes to Christian holidays.

Once again, happy holidays!

AVCr8teur said...

Merry Christmas to you! I have not seen a weed that colorful. You photograph and describe common things so beautifully.

SquirrelQueen said...

Beautiful photos, the first one is almost like fireworks. Thank you for the green post for those of us in the cold climates.
Happy Holidays

rainfield61 said...

wenn: Merry Christmas to you. I am having a quiet Christmas.
Went to market early in the morning, had breakfirst with my family, helped out on the gardening, it is then half a day has gone.

Footsteps: I rather think that rainwater has cleared and washed away the silt on the bed of the dam.

Tabib: This is another trial on my camera. Canon 1000D is a good camera.

Happy Holiday and Happy Prosperous New Year 2010.

roentarre: Wish you a wonderful festive season as well.

Misalyn: HoHoHoHo, I am seeing Santa in the Bawadi Mall, giving gifts to little kids, like me.

AVCr8teur: Merry Christmas to you!

SquirrelQueen: It is like firework, and skyrockets that we need the most during this festive season.

Happy Holidays.

Glennis said...

Lovely tiny flower.
You are so original!
We also have a lovely green and sunny shiney day.

Autumn Belle said...

Is that a love grass in the first picture? I mean those that sticks on to our trousers. The flower is lovely. Your white flower seems to be going on a long long journey. Happy Holidays to you!

rainfield61 said...

Glennis: Have a great Christmas. I saw Santa Claus on the sunny shiny seaside in TV. Did I see you?

Autumn Belle: It is mot a love glass, and I do not have an answer to this.

Happy Holiday to you too.

Sharkbytes said...

Merry Christmas, rainfield!

Ayie said...

It may be as simple as it is but it holds such deep beauty, I love the shots.

Belated Merry Christmas as I am late here being off the holidays and a happy new coming year to you and your family.

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

Gosh...these are beautiful photos!