Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mengkuang Dam

What can I tell from a picture?

First of all, if you have followed me regularly, you can tell it is Mengkuang Dam, and I have almost pictured its full view from Cerok Tokun.

The far left corner with green patch of grasses is where the entrance and car park are located. The well visible pathway until the sharp tip at the top is a portion of the jogging trek, another part is hidden behind the woods from the entrance to the the right after the first bend and goes uphill and down, until then, there is a junction. If you choose the right turn, there is a durian plantation waiting for you, or there is a long long way for you to further you trekking, along the dam, alone, ascending and descending, and adventurous, as shown in the picture, if you choose the left turn.

I usually spend around half and hour jogging at the normal jogging trail. Mengkuang Dam is not too far from BM town or Berapit. If you would like to hike with me, Cerok Tokun is slightly further away, but you can have its clear view from both places.

I am writing this because I have received an email asking where one can go trekking nearby Berapit. And I am happy if I can answer correctly.

I have read these in the Internet:

In 1904, the New Year's ball dropped for the first time in Times Square, New York City. In Japan, everyone laughs at the stroke of midnight to ensure good luck in the New Year. In Philippines, children jump ten times when the clock strikes twelve, hoping to grow taller in the new year. In Mexico, some people take out their suitcases and walk around the block, hoping it would help them travel during the next year.

Have a great New Year! I have started counting: 100, 99, 98, 97, 96.....


Mike said...

Rainfield Happy New Year to you too. Only 3 hours to go here. I fancy you might be 1 hour ahead so not long to wait.

See you in the new decade :-)

Bangchik said...

Looks like a smoky lake/dam... ~bangchik

Diane AZ said...

Great view of Mengkuang Dam and interesting description. Happy New Year, Rainfield! I still have 15 hours to wait. :)

Pacey said...

Lovely view of the dam rain...Have a wonderful new year and more blogging!

betchai said...

i love the view of Menkuang Dam, and the leaves on the foreground added more depth and character to the picture. Happy New Year Rainfield, here, we are still awaiting for the New Year, 11 hours and 13 minutes to wait :)

George said...

Happy New Year to you. We have about seven more hours left in 2009, while you are well into 2010. I hope the new year brings you much health and happiness. I like your picture of the dam and lake. Happy hiking in 2010.

Sharkbytes said...

I like seeing a longer view of your world as well as the close views. Happy New Year!

wenn said...

Happy New Year!

Ratty said...

Thank you for the short tour of one of your favorite places. I like the Japanese way of celebrating new year, I think I'll do that this year. Only a few hours to go where I am. Happy New Year! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Anonymous said...

We have 1/2 hour left to go to the New Year, so Happy New Year to you Rainfield!

That's a beautiful scene!

Kirigalpoththa said...

Hi Rianfield,

Wonderful view! Hope I can see more similar photos thro' your blog this new year..

Wish you a bright and prosperous new year 2010!

Best wishes,


rainfield61 said...

Mike: I had spent my night at Esplanade, Penang Island, watching firework.
2010 started with flying colours.

Bangchik: This lake bears different looks most of the time when I view from Cerok Tokun.

Diane: You visited me at January 1, 2010 12:01 AM, and fireworks were busy flying. Happy new Year.

Pacey: Have a wonderful new year and more blogging! I wonder about the second wish, a very "funny" wish.

betchai: By this time, your clock has struck 12 o'clock. The party must have begun.

Happy New Year.

George: Happy hiking in 2010 to you too.

Sharkbytes: Wish you and your family, and Maggie happy new year.

Maggie is still her red jacket in this new year.

wenn: Happy New Year!

Ratty: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! I have continued lughing from 12:00 AM until now.

Icy BC: You are 13 hours behind me everyday. It must be fun to tell you ahead how the sun, the moon and etc look before they travel the long way to reach your place.

Wish you a very Happy New Year.

Kirigalpoththa: Wish you a bright and prosperous new year 2010, and nothing less than this.

RNSANE said...

Your blog is most beautiful..maybe I should try the New Year's customs of every country to insure the best success of a wonderful year to come!
Blessings to you in far away Malaysia. I am so fortunate to have traveled in that part of the world though I must confess I did not climb mountains!

my said...

Happy new year :)

Misalyn said...

Lovely view of the dam. Looks very peaceful.

Nice info about the New year's traditio from different places. I laugh out loud when I read about the Philippine tradition hahaha. I jumped so hard when I was young hahaha. Funny tradition but my kids love it too.

Happy New Year rainfield.

rainfield61 said...

RNSANE: I have never thought about that before. I'll try as well to practice custom of every country to ensure guaranteed success.

my: Happy new year.

Misalyn: I do not know how true is the information. Hahaha... I can confirm at least one of them.

roentarre said...

Happy new year! This dam is very elegant to look at.

Durian plantation? Not sure if it needs a lot of water

Ayie said...

I'm too late for my new year's visit, pardon me for I have been attending to my sick husband. Happy new year!!