Sunday, October 11, 2009


"We were doing the same thing lately!" But I would like to tell Tes it is more than that. I have pictured a black wasp at Cerok Tokun this morning. Thinking of Googling for some information before it can be a "virtual star", I found it in Ratty's place today. I know I need some pain killers when I read the comment by Icy BC, "I think I took pictures of the same critter like you".

There are so many coincidences lately.

This black wasp flied to my favourite fern leaf when I was doing my searching. If not because of the white tips on the pair of antennae, and the black and yellow stripes on its legs, I should convince myself about the existence of the forth dimension, and this black wasp might have made it first, instead of us.

This wasp kept waving its antennae in such a way trying to communicate with me. This is what I always presume out in the forest when I come face-to-face with any critters.

Only when the antennae are still strong, it can hear without ears; it can smell without nose, it can converse without tongue, otherwise, it would soon perish.

That's why, it was so "talkative", and I replied in my camera way.

It might be nobody was listening. Both were too busy.

PS: I have to make a correction base on the input of Amila Salgado. This insect is not actually a wasp, but a Stilt-Legged Fly. The antennae that I have mentioned is its front legs which it constantly waves around as if signaling someone or something.

Thanks to Amila Salgado.


Salitype said...

rainfield! it can hear without ears,smell without nose and converse without tongue..indeed, some of God's creation compensate to be able to exist.

there are some who has eyes but refused to see, ears but do no want to listen and tongue which speaks ill.

i love the photo of the wasp in a bridge like foliage, quite captivating!

Icy BC said...

It's a great coincidence, rainfield! I get to see your black wasp from your country, and you get to see Ratty's and mine, from the US..

Your black wasp has different features though, and it's interesting to know..

Ratty said...

Wow! Your wasp does look very similar to ours. yours has those cool white tips though, and those very long legs. Maybe they are a distant relative. It's good to see that they were brought to all three of us at almost the same time.

VanillaSeven said...

Lol! I think the big wasp just had a world tour around the globe! Talking about coincident indeed!

Pacey said...

Those wasps have similarity with ours here rain...I just hope you didn't have antenna too. Just kidding...have a nice day.

rainfield61 said...

Salitype: There are angels, there will be evils too. We can see "good" only if we compare with the bad.

Icy BC: Thanks to internet, we are able to know and see things from other places instantly.

Ratty: They are certainly a distant relative. Only that your wasps understand American and mine Chineses.

VanillaSeven: If it is true, then this critter should have toured the world within 12 hours. Fantastic!!

Pacey: If I have antennae, then I shall see no evil, tell no evil and hear no evil.
I'll be a holy man by then!!!!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

The wasp is so interesting. I've never seen these, and yet 3 people have pictured it on a blog this year. Maybe it is a good year for them?

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Yes, you and Icy should get together with a mosaic of both of your posts. Your wasps were on the same wavelength.

Willie said...

Wasps had just killed 3 people near my place. The family lost all of his children age 2, 6 and 11. It was a sad story. But still, couldn't blame the wasp because naturally, they will protect their nest.

My condolence to this family. I was in tears when i read the story, because I could imagine losing loved ones to the hands of insects and all three of them perished. Geee

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I am seeing a wasp. Looked like a large mosquito.

Btw, wasp sting can be fatal isn't?

Kirigalpoththa said...

Great coincidence!

That bug has become a celebrity thanks to you all :)

rainfield61 said...

Sharkbytes: It is a year for the wasps in Malaysia, but not in a good manner, as mentioned by local Malaysians.

Poetic Shutterbug/Kirigalpoththa: It is such a coincidence for us to picture wasp at the same time, Ratty, Icy and me. Unbelievable.

Willie/Mei Teng: It is really a sad news to hear that, though those were different type of wasps that had killed the family.

Life Ramblings said...

i've wasps in my garden but it's a different spices. Maybe the plants that i grow are attracting them. they are not aggresive though.

George said...

These are wonderful pictures of the black wasp. Perhaps you will be able to establish communication the next time you meet.

Gallicissa said...

This is not a wasp, rainfield, but a fly, more specifically a Stilt-legged Fly.

For more information see:

I too have related forms in my yard and they are often seen in marathon mating engagements.

Ayie said...

again another first viewing of that insect for me, nice stripes and looks alien with the colors hehe

Ayie said...

have a great week ahead!

Ana said...

That is such an amazing Stilt-Legged Fly. Coincidences happen for a reason, the same as everything happens for a reason, energy engagement and captures. Experience as is. :) Beautiful shots!

Autumn Belle said...

This fly look like it can bite and I can bet that the bite will be very itchy and painful as well. Looking at it makes me look for my mopiko.