Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fishing Spider

And my observation on the thick undergrowth continued. This place was in fact like a city in our terminology. This city was very busy.

After leaving the busy bees behind, I found myself chasing after a Fishing Spider that was carrying its egg sac in its jaws, and this was another creatures in this busy city. It moved fast enough to confuse me, an opportunistic wanderer hunter, about its whereabouts in its jungle.

A Fishing spider can run across the surface of water (yes, run across the surface of water that I wish I am able to) to subdue its prey using its foremost legs, which are tipped with small claws; it then injects venom (which I do not want to) with the hollow jaws in order to kill and digest the prey.

I know most of you find a spider very ugly and disgusting like I do, but we just cannot choose and avoid anything we dislike in our life. So to approach this arthropod, to take its pictures and to tell you its story is my way to solve this trivial problem. Anyway, this spider will not make my hard disk its prey or to spin webs inside.


Loshini said...

personally not my fav living thing, but d pic of it carrying its egg is very nice, unusual

Bangchik said...

Undergrowth city is busy, and I just wonder how do they manage themselves. Government or local authority ?

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Love those closeups. I didn't know that they carry the egg sac in their mouth.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Spiders are my favourites..Any way have you seen them catching fish?

The Retired One said...

They are always busy to survive!

Ginnymo said...

He's a neat spider! Weird how they carry that egg sac like that. Interesting. I enjoyed your spider Rain. I am fascinated by them but keep my distance unless they are harmless.

Diane AZ said...

I like spiders and this one is quite handsome with the stripes. Interesting how it carries the egg sac and that it can walk on water.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Ouch! I cannot see spider.

Cheryl said...

I cringe when I see big spiders. However, I found your explanation to be great and it made me stop and think a little better about the spider!

Poetic Shutterbug said...

He may be a little creepy but it's fun learning about nature through your lens Rainfield.

Ratty said...

Spiders are scary for very many people, but some of them help us. They help get rid of insects that we consider pests, so they are sometimes our friends.

AVCr8teur said...

I did not know there was such a thing as a fishing spider. I guess it doesn't need bait to catch its prey.

SquirrelQueen said...

I like spiders too and this one is very interesting. I really like your macro shots of the spider Rainfield.

Misalyn said...

I like spiders, too. I used to play with 'friendly' spiders when I was young. But this specie looks like a bit ' unfriendly' , am afraid of its venom but its nice to see how the spider carry its egg sac.

rainfield61 said...

To see spider carrying egg sac is fun, to see new friend visiting my blog is exciting.

I appoint you as the Governor of the Undergrowth City.
You need to enforce the law to collect all sorts of tax.

So I am at the beginning. We just learn together.

I have then needed to stare at the water waiting for the appearence of this fishing spider the whole day.
Or maybe I'll send SMS asking for its schedule.
But seriously, I have not seen anyone yet. It needs luck.

The Retired One:
I think we are the same, busy to survive.

They carry the egg sac until it has been hatched. If luck is with me, I may see one or two carrying their babies on their body.

I admire very much on their capability to walk on water. I wish I can as well.

Don't look back. There is one at your back.

You mean I have influenced you. On the good side or the other way round?

Poetic Shutterbug:
Then Canon D1000 must feel very great about this.

Human are are scary for some of us,but some of them help us. They help get rid of our problems that we consider nuisances, so they are sometimes our friends.

They do not need bait on the water, no bait is needed on the air as well.

Really? You have encouraged me to look for more spiders in the wild. I'll do it.

I hear about Black Widow that is harmful to us, this Fishing Spider may not. Anyhow, I'll keep no physical contact, but always run away.

Icy BC said...

It maybe ugly looking, but it is one of God's creatures too. Many people asked me why I took pictures of ugly flies, though I don't like them, I found that they're interesting to look at.

Your pictures and info are great to know!

George said...

You got some wonderful pictures of the spider. You have a very good eye to capture these fascinating shots. I'm glad the spider is not spinning webs in your hard disk.

VanillaSeven said...

What is the spider with the huge egg sac got to do with my model? :P
great capture rainfield :)

Tes said...

Those spiders sure are working hard huh :)

betchai said...

no, i do not find spiders ugly, i love them :). i have not heard of fishing spider though, it's really great to learn more things from you.

Mei Teng said...

Wow..another spidey. How come you come across spiders like this?! I only see those teeny house spiders.s

fufu said...

wow... yeah i think they should hire me to plan or design the entire city... i study urban planning in germany =p ask if they need me or not there... hohohoho i will build good quality infrastructure for them also

Amir Ridhwan said...

Looks like a wolf spider Lycosidae.

prashant said...

Love those closeups.

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